Hello World!

Hello All!

Welcome to my blog! I am all excited to start this off as I really have a lot in-line for me to share to all my readers! As a start, please allow me to introduce myself.

I am Jess Sinues, you can all call me Jess. I am 28 years old at the time this post was made. I currently work as a Software Testing Professional with more than 6 years of experience packed in it. I am an advocate of Rapid Software Testing. As my work title suggests, I do a lot of software testing but it is not only limited to that, I also do test management wherein I was able to establish testing teams from the ground up and leading them from zero to hero. Quite frankly, it is very challenging to do such a thing because each organization that I’ve been into has a difference of night and day! But you know, challenging things come with extraordinary experience! Other than that, I really love learning a lot of things and pursuing a deeper knowledge in my career is my biggest priority, with that, I have pursued and acquired an ISTQB Advanced Level – Test Management certification for myself.I also love to innovate a lot of tools with the daily research that I get to do. I love mix and matching different technologies and finding how to connect one tool to another with the purpose of making testing an easier task. I guess you can say that I really love to make things easier for everybody. Another side of me is an aspiring Python Developer. As I’ve said I like to make things easier and as a step closer to that purpose of mine, I had to find something that will help me achieve it. That’s when the need to have a certain programming language came in. I started up by researching what to use and through some nerve-wracking, sleepless nights and for the love of knowledge, I found Python. I love it’s versatility and how easy it is to develop stuff using it, it serves my purpose right and the possibilities are endless with it! Finally, I am a very passionate Esport Gaming Enthusiast. I mean everybody has their own fuel for their passion. It’s like when things get rough or when you seem to can’t figure things out and you just want to flip the table as hard as you can then you get mentally, emotionally and physically drained but you know for yourself that you need to keep your passion burning, you need to get a gulp of your fuel! It gives you the melolagnia, endorphines if you may, that you need to get back on track and for me, Esports is the way, the truth and the light! Kidding aside, I am very competitive in gaming. I usually use it to brush off stuff from my head and just plainly doing what I love.

Well, that’s quite an introduction. As for this blog, I would like to share a lot of things about what I do at work, tips on stuff and maybe some research that I’ve made firsthand. I would also like to share discussions of things that I am interested in. Finally, you can come around when I put on my gameface when I play some games in my Gaming Blog.

That’s it for me! I hope you come around and visit often!

Ciao and have fun!



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